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Topman Tournament Touted

Topman Nintendo is preparing another Mario Kart Wii tournament, and apparently one of the next challenges involves the wily Topman tribe from Super Mario Galaxy.  Here's the neat thing: you won't find a Topman running loose under normal Mario Kart Wii conditions.  Kombo has the details.

Beginning in early June, it appears the next tournament will spotlight one of the bosses from Super Mario Galaxy in Topmaniac (though only one of his Topman lackeys are shown), and will mark the first time (but hopefully not the last) in which users will see original content added to the game.

I doubt that Topman will be added to the game through a download, but instead the tribe is already secreted away on the actual game disc and just waiting for an activation signal from the Nintendo mothership.  So far each tournament has added something unusual to the racing experience.  First there were unleashed Chain Chomps, then a series of gates through which to drive.  Now comes Topman.  Does anyone else feel like the Mission Mode from Mario Kart DS has been cut up and served to us piecemeal in the form of these tournaments?   It would be nice to see a new proper Mission Mode option appear on the main menu after the final tournament so that these unique challenges are not lost to the ages.