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The Lighter Side Of Piracy (Meowth's Heart Will Go On)

Senator VreenakBizarre pirated gaming knock-off products are always good for a laugh, so let's spend a few minutes snickering at British Gaming's collection of really strange hacked games, multicarts, and other baffling creations.  Did you know that Pokémon character Meowth performed Celine Dion power ballads in his spare time?  Neither did I. 

The [Pokémon] game’s most memorable scene crops up before you even begin moving the electric mouse around the dreamlike worlds. Meowth, Pokémon’s wise cracking moggy, sings a modified version of Celine Dion’s Titanic theme ("My Heart Will Go On"); replacing lyrics of love and adoration with fear and nightmares. Somehow, my ten year old, shouldn’t-be-playing-with-bootleg-ROMs, brain decided to block out Meowth’s psychopathic death-lullaby; quite the shock when I booted it up for a nostalgia trip.

Other highlights include a healthy helping of garbled Engrish ("Hey kids, who wants to play Mucky Mouse?"), clever tweaks that aren't fooling anybody (Power Snoopy, go!), and artwork that depicts the legendary battle between the Ghostbusters and busty Viking women riding atop flaming horses.  Then there's what has to be the best knock-off in the entire article: a WarioWare: Twisted! game pak that lacks the vital tilt sensor that's needed to play the game.  Oops!