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So, Just How Many Mega Man Games Are There?

Mega ManRemember all the way back to last week when a post on Capcom's blog pondered just how many Mega Man games have been released over the years? 

Somebody get on this project and figure out how many friggin’ Mega Man games there have been, please. We’re counting Mega Man games only, not appearances in other games (Marvel Vs. Capcom, Dead Rising, Cannon Spike, etc. do not count) Semi-Official Capcom Gold Star of Complementarianism and some kinda random prize to whoever completes this assignment successfully!

Anyone out there still buried in tomes of reference material in an attempt to get an accurate count can close your books and come up for some fresh air.  Mega Man megafan Miranda Paugh has not only counted 'em all up, but also differentiated between original games, remakes, compilations, and all of the other ways that the Mega Man series eats its own tail.  The total number of Mega Man games in existence varies depending on what you consider to be an individual game as opposed to a port or remake, so check out the list and come up with the answer you like best.  Does that narrow it down for you, Capcom?