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Grand Theft Auto IV Includes Elton John

Grand Theft Auto IV Call it professional interest, effective marketing, or just old fashioned peer pressure, but for some reason I want to play Grand Theft Auto IV.  I've been in and out of the series over the years (I've played the original GTA, GTA 3, and Liberty City Stories), but I don't know that I'd consider myself a fan.  I just love the sandbox environment and how I can proceed through the game however I please regarding missions or just driving around town with no particular place to go.  Part of the fun of destinationless driving is listening to the in-game radio.  Most of the music broadcast in Liberty City falls outside of my preferences (although Phil Collins turned up in Vice City Stories), but I still have to respect the work that goes into assembling a GTA soundtrack.  MTV's Stephen Totilo caught up with the man behind the music, Ivan Pavlovich, and found out how the music selection process works.

Sam Houser, executive producer for Rockstar, pushed Pavlovich to consider unusual cuts for the soundtrack. He pushed Elton John's "Street Kids." Pavlovich tried to out-obscure his boss. They wound up with an experimental station in the game, the Journey, that Pavlovich plays during night drives through Liberty City, the almost beatless sounds of Philip Glass giving the city a magical feel.

Elton John?!  Honestly, now I want to play it more than ever.  Can we get Billy Joel and Huey Lewis for the sequel?