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First Look At New Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus Surprise!  We seem to have an exclusive at Kombo regarding the new Kid Icarus title, and from the looks of it, our little angel warrior is all grown up.

The artwork we've published comes from a pitch document we got our hands on during the earlier part of 2008. Since then, sources tell us the game's art-direction has advanced considerably. Despite this artwork not being reflective of the game's current standing, we've decided to run it so fans can get a look at what Factor 5 has at least experimented with.

The last nugget of information we have to share with you is in regards to the game's plot. At the time of the pitch document's writing, Factor 5 had imagined a plot involving a grown-up, adult Kid Icarus in which Pit is "cursed for thousands of years for a crime and becomes a 'fallen angel'." The pitch document adds that "a tattoo on Pit's arm bears the inscription of Pit's crime."

Well, I think we all kind of knew a new Kid Icarus game was in the works, but I don't think any of us expected something kind of moody and dark as this seems to be.  I know I've joked a few times about an epically tragic Icarus [note the lack of 'Kid' there], but I never thought Nintendo would actually consider it.  Don't get me wrong, though; moody and dark can be good, particularly for a reborn property like this.  Nintendo has enough colorful and "friendly" franchises in its barn.  Something from the darker side of the spectrum may help pull the core gamers who feel somewhat abandoned by games like Wii Fit back in the fold.