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Fast Cars And Dry Toast

Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityThe marketing and peer pressure finally cracked me, so yesterday afternoon I picked up Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the Sony PlayStation 2 (and who says I'm not topical and current?).  First off, I'm very disappointed in you all.  Why didn't you tell me there was a game out there with a soundtrack that includes REO Speedwagon, Yes, and Hall & Oates?  I spent more time driving around the city just jamming to the awesome tunes than I did actually completing missions.  In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that all I really want out of a GTA game is to drive as safely or as recklessly as I want across long stretches of road while listening to the killer '80s soundtrack. I envision something like Grand Theft Auto: Interstate 95 where I can get off at a highway exit to save the game at a motel, grab a soggy omelette & dry toast at Denny's, and rob the gas station before getting back on the road.