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Satoru Iwata talks Wii at E3What has Nintendo's WiiConnect24 done for you lately?  MTV's Stephen Totilo wants to know what you think of the Wii's ever-present online service that was supposed to bring us all kinds of amazing new content on an ongoing basis.  Apparently the whiz-bang awesomeness that are the News Channel and Forecast Channel aren't enough for some people.

I’m wondering: Nintendo promised gamers the benefits and unique opportunities of a system that could be connected to a live Internet connection for 24 hours a day.

They’ve delivered the service, but has the service delivered? How has WiiConnect24, met, exceeded or failed your expectations?

No, I would say that Nintendo has not delivered on the hype and promise that was outlined for the service prior to the Wii's launch.  However, I think I understand why we're not seeing stacks of WiiConnect24 content blazing from our wireless hubs.  As you'll recall, nobody really knew what to expect from Wii sales before launch.  Nintendo outlined all kinds of ideas in regards to the Wii's potential: WiiConnect24, News Channel, Miis, Virtual Console, Wii Sports, Wii Music, Wii Motorsports, Wii Fit [nee Wii Fitness], Disaster: Day of Crisis, Project H.A.M.M.E.R., Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, and other such things in an attempt to hit as wide a range of interest as possible.  Wii would have something for everyone.  Then the console launched and Wii Sports became a smash hit among the casual crowd.  More than a year later we're still seeing Wii shortages and the enduring popularity of Wii Sports.  That one pack-in game is still selling new consoles.  Why should Nintendo put all of those other cards on the table right now if that one game is still moving consoles?

We've seen some of the other parts of the Wii plan release, of course, but where are the other ideas that are still missing in action?  Where's Wii MusicWii MotorsportsDisaster: Day of Crisis?  WiiConnect24's more interesting abilities must be one of those concepts that is just waiting in the wings for when the Wii needs a boost.  Why build the technology into the console if Nintendo has no plans to use it?  After all, it's not like the company has ever let an expansion port go to waste.