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Weekly Poll: Come To Nintendo World

Weekly Poll for 3-31-2008 I can understand the appeal of the Wii remote and its nunchuk attachment.  I like the simplicity behind it and its overall versatility.  It has a lot going for it.  It's a shame then that I think I like the Sony PlayStation 3 controller more just because it's familiar.  What can I say?  I still like control pads/sticks and buttons.  Twenty years of control pad conditioning aren't going to be undone by a single year of Wii glee.  Both types of controllers are welcome in my home, of course.

Moving on, the NeoGAF forums are talking hypothetical again, this time musing over whether or not an amusement park based on Nintendo's properties would be a worthwhile vacation destination or profitable business investment.  They talk different "worlds" for each franchise, such as a Mushroom Kingdom area and a Hyrule section the same way that Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom features a Fantasyland and a Tomorrowland (one forumite speculated that there would not be an attraction based on Earthbound, but I disagree.  However, in the North American park, the Earthbound ride would be designed and constructed only to be decommissioned and covered with a tarp just before opening day).  The conversation is an interesting mix of bright-eyed optimism and dream-crushing realism.  Would you visit such a park if it were to exist?  Let's hear your thoughts.