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Weekly Poll: Home Or Hand?

Weekly Poll for 4-14-2008I suppose my Smash Bros. Dojo blog withdrawal has about run its course by now, but I have to admit that my mornings feel a little emptier without a fresh update from the Brawl developers.  Hopefully The Powers That Be across the industry took notice of the blog's success and we'll see more development chronicles for future games.  Not every game is suited for the Dojo experience, of course, but I can think of a number of properties that lend themselves quite well to a daily update cycle.

Moving on, I think it's time to ask a very simple gaming-related question.  Do you prefer to play games on home consoles or on portable systems?  Both platforms have their advantages and pitfalls.  Home consoles offer better visuals and larger gameplay experiences, while handhelds feature that all important play-anywhere ability with bite-size challenges.  So which is your favorite?  Let's hear your thoughts.