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Weekly Poll: Karts Or Kills?

Weekly Poll for 4-21-2008Like most of you out there, I prefer gaming on a home console.  Home console this gaming this generation is especially fantastic thanks to HDTV and a decent sound system backing up the little glowing boxes in my entertainment unit.  I have to give portable consoles credit though, as the best thing about the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable is how it's so easy to pick one up, bring it out of sleep mode, play for a minutes exactly where I left off previously, and then put the system back into sleep mode and into my pocket when my few moments of spare time are up.  Home console gaming anymore requires a minimum time commitment thanks to boot-up sequences, console main menus, loading the game itself, speeding through logo after tedious logo, choosing which save game file to load, waiting for that to load... ah, darn it, there goes the oven timer already!  Maybe next time.

Moving on, this week is one of the bigger game release periods so far this year in North America as Nintendo releases Mario Kart Wii and Take-Two unleashes Grand Theft Auto IV.  There's something for everyone's home console this week.  Which release has you more excited?  Go-karts or gore-kills?  Let's hear your thoughts.