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Sub-Zero Versus Batman

Batsignal Stand back, folks!  Someone's ripped a hole in the fabric of reality again and crossed over to a parallel universe.  I have proof: see, in our reality we've long enjoyed the Marvel Vs. Capcom games in which Marvel's superheroes and villains battled with and against Ryu and the Street Fighter crew, but in this alternate reality it seems there's a Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe game in which Batman and Sub-Zero grapple for some reason.  Now this fighting game is apparently manifesting in our continuum.  Kombo has the early word and some teaser concept art.

So... this could be interesting, I guess. Sure, we could have Batman vs... actually, who would they fight? I thought the next MK game was supposed to be a fresh break for the franchise, so will any of the old guys even be around any more? Guess we'll see tomorrow.
It'll be a laugh if it were to "explode" in the same way Capcom's go did, with a full-blown
Midway vs. DC going on. Who else could they use to round out Midway? Max Force from NARC?

There's also a rumor going around that the game will not include the Mortal Kombat trademark Fatalities.  Weren't those brutal finishing moves the only reason to play Mortal Kombat?  I can understand how those attacks may not translate well to the DC roster of comics characters, however.  Batman doesn't kill, so it'd be out of character for him to eviscerate someone.  Plus, how could any character perform a fatality against Superman without the aid of Kryptonite?  The Joker, on the other hand; now there's a character full of Fatality potential.  Imagine a finish with a high voltage hand buzzer, acidic boutonniere, or even some classic Smilex gas.  Perhaps the developers should not discount Fatalities so quickly.  Congress wouldn't like it, but if there's going to be a game in which Mortal Kombat combatants and the world of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern beat the hell out of each other, why not go all the way and make it an encounter to remember?

Also, is it too early to hope for a Smash Bros. Dojo-type of development blog for this game?