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DualShock 3 Rumble functionality is finally on the way to the Sony PlayStation 3 as the new DualShock 3 controller replaces the rumbleless SixAxis controller at retail and in gamers' hearts.  Yes, Sony has announced that the new controllers are on the way to North American stores for a sudden release while the old SixAxis units are no longer manufactured.  Once they're out of the retail channel, they're gone.  Kombo has the story.

[Sony] have also released a website that will let you know which games will shake your socks off (kinky), as well as note that some games will require a patch to activate the rumble, though if you keep your PS3 hooked up online, they should automatically download.

In addition, the [DualShock 3 icon] will be prominently displayed on all new game releases that come ready to shake, rattle, and roll (to say nothing of sounding like a jackhammer if you leave it on the coffee table when it goes off). And if you've already bought a PS3 that doesn't have this little jewel included, then you can snag one at retail for just $54.99 -- just less than the price of many games!

One of my PS3-owning co-workers has two SixAxis controllers and had planned to trade them in for maximum value just before the announcement of impending DualShock 3 availability.  I had the sad duty today of informing/taunting him that word was out that the SixAxis was done and that his two expensive controllers had suddenly gone from being worth Something to Nothing.  SixAxis will live on, of course, as I see it becoming a popular item in the used gaming market for those who don't want to spend the extra money on controllers that only *spat* guests will use.