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Nintendo-focused Wii Channel Coming To USA At Last

Nintendo logoJapan has been enjoying the Everybody's Nintendo Channel since last year, but now North America will get into the action in May when Nintendo rolls out the free Wii channel alongside the new WiiWare initiative.  Frankly, it's about time we saw this channel turn up elsewhere.  So what do we have to look forward to with this new feature?  Game|Life has the details.

The Nintendo Channel dishes out lists of upcoming games for the Wii and Nintendo DS, which users can sort by release date, publisher, genre, etc. It also allows players to download demo versions of games for the portable Nintendo DS: The Wii beams the game demos to the DS wirelessly, and the demos stay on the DS until it is shut off.

Release lists are nice, but what I'm especially anticipating are the DS demos.  Unfortunately, I have this sinking feeling that the demos will revolve around games targeted at the casual market, but I'm trying to be optimistic.  I'm sure not every demo will be a taste of basic titles Crosswords DS.