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Nice Things Denial Update #4908

Wii GameCube controller Japan is getting all the good stuff once again.  Previously we've seen Nintendo release a Super Famicom controller that is Wii compatible and now the company is at it again, this time with a GameCube controller meant for use with the Wii.  Yes, it appears to be an actual Wii-white GameCube controller that connects to the Wii console in some unspecified fashion with a three meter cord.  The cost?  ¥2000.  Presumably we aren't getting this item here in North America.  Yes, I could import one, but considering that I can't read Japanese, I'd have no way of knowing which buttons on the controller to press.  Do you know what they call X buttons in Japan?  Neither do I.  Nobody does!  And that three meter cord has me uneasy.  That's a metric measurement, and metric is a system of units that mystifies us here in North America.  I bet the control stick moves in radians instead of degrees, too.  No, no, I take it all back; we're better off if this controller stays on the other side of the planet.  Bringing it stateside is just too unsettling. 

(via Kotaku)