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GhostbustersIt's time for more Kombo blogging, and today I make the call that the upcoming Ghostbusters video game really, honestly, and truly needs to be good.

Granted, the previous games were mostly created during the 1980s when the game industry hadn't yet found the magic formula for successfully turning a movie into a comparatively decent game. Today's movie-to-game projects typically benefit from the input of the creative crew responsible for the film. The participation of Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Bill Murray put the new Ghostbusters game a step ahead of any of the previous titles before a single screenshot hit the Internet. The horsepower driving the modern consoles goes a long way towards bringing the experience one would expect from a proper Ghostbusters game. Legitimate thrills just weren't possible from the old 8-bit generation of hardware.

Hopefully if Ghostbusters lives up to its potential then we'll start to see more modern games based on classic films.  I still have high hopes for an eventual Back to the Future game that honors the film trilogy instead of misunderstanding it completely.