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Big Nintendo DS Sale At Amazon Today

UPDATE: And the sale is over.Buy somethin' will ya!

I don't know about you, but I keep coming out of these one-day-only video game sales at with mixed feelings.  Take today, for example.  The big sale today is for Nintendo DS gamesAdvance Wars: Days of Ruin is on sale for half price with four other to-be-announced DS games added to the sale throughout the day.  Sounds good, right?  If the past big Wii game discounts are any indication, however, then we're looking at sales on two different types of games: big name blockbusters I already have and cheap knock-off titles that Amazon is desperate to clear out of the warehouse.  Maybe today will be different.  If you do find something you just have to have, I'd appreciate it if you'd use that green link up there to buy it.  Every purchase you make through one of those green links here at PTB helps to keep the lights on.