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ALF's Gotta Cat-ch 'Em All

ALF I know we all appreciate a good game acquisition quest, and now MTV's Jason Cipriano is the latest man on a mission.  His goal?  Finding all four video games based on ALF.

A key fixture of 1980’s sitcoms, ALF was an alien from the planet Melmack who’s spaceship crash-landed in the Tanner family’s garage. They subsequently took him in, and in return he tried to eat their cat. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’re too young to appreciate that there were actually ALF video games. I uncovered a total of four ALF games while I was poking around over at Moby Games, and it’s now become my mission to procure them all.

I had the ALF game for the Commodore 64 back in the day.  It's a maze game (sort of a Pac-Man clone) with ALF has the main character.  Players must guide ALF through the maze of city streets to collect cats and pizzas.  Cats must be stored in the Tanner family garage; catch 'em all move to the next level.  However, there are hazards to avoid.  Running into a trash can stuns ALF for a moment, while Willie Tanner patrols the maze trying to catch ALF and set the captured cats loose (thus resetting the level).  The local dog catcher is also following ALF, and if caught our favorite alien goes to the animal shelter and loses a life (but the captured cats remain captured).  There are only four levels in the game, but they contain several screens worth of content.  There's also something going on involving ALF's secondary mission of collecting spaceship parts, although I can't recall the importance of gathering them all.  It was my second favorite C64 game (right behind Ghostbusters).  Good luck in your quest, Jason.  Just watch out for Willie.