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Weekly Poll: Retro Raider

Weekly Poll for 3-17-2008Like many of you, I've stuck with the Nintendo GameCube controller for my Super Smash Bros. Brawl needs, although I really should try the other methods just to have working knowledge of how they all work.  I'll probably find myself saying something similar about Mario Kart Wii next month.  I've also come to realize that if/when the original Super Smash Bros. lands on the Virtual Console, the GameCube controller should work perfectly with it.

Speaking of older games, my co-worker said something that surprised me today.  He's deep into the Sony PlayStation 3 version of The Orange Box (Half-Life 2, Portal, et al) and now wants to reach back and pick up the original Half-Life for the PS2.  Despite owning a PS3 model capable of full backwards compatibility, I've never heard him talk about playing older games on his modern console until now.  I know that really good games transcend the age of their base hardware, but it seems like the standard procedure for most people is to retire older consoles when the successor comes along, either trading in the older products for store credit or boxing everything up and storing it in a closet.  So here's the question for this week: do you buy games for older consoles?  I'm talking about actual cartridges or discs here, not digital downloads from Virtual Console or Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade.  Are you still adding to your Super NES library?  Tracking down Sega Saturn games from eBay?  Reveling in the days of cheap PS2 titles?  Let's hear your thoughts.