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Weekly Poll: Best Buttons

Weekly Poll for 3-24-2008Ah, the used game market cranks along.  With the occasional exception I've basically topped out my library of older video games.  I have this theory that just about anything truly worth playing will come back around again in another format in the future, so even though an actual Chrono Trigger game pak may be unreasonably expensive today, we'll see the game again someday in a more affordable format (some may argue we already have, as it's available for the Sony PlayStation, too).

Shifting back to modern gaming, now that the current generation of consoles is well underway, let's talk controllers.  This generation has brought us some interesting new control methods.  Nintendo's Wii remote comes to mind right away, but there's also Sony's SixAxis controller and upcoming DualShock 3 with it's motion control shtick.  Microsoft is largely staying the course with its Xbox 360 controller.  Which of this generation's primary controllers is your favorite?  Cast your vote and leave some comments.