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Super Smash Brothers As we wait for the imminent North American release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii there are lots of people who are reaching back to the two previous games in the series for a little practice and training.  With only two options for some pre-Brawl Smash action, some people are wondering which game is better.  Is the original Smash for the Nintendo 64 the ideal experience, or does the GameCube sequel best it?  The debate rages on at Ask Metafilter.

Do you like the original Super Smash Brothers, for Nintendo 64, more than the sequel, Super Smash Brothers Melee? If so, why?  With the release of SSB Brawl just days away and my desire to play the game having reached epic proportions, I've been reading any information I can find on the game. One thing I've noticed is a decent camp of people who think that Melee was disappointing and hope that Brawl is more like the N64 original.  I loved the original game back in the N64 days, but I've always thought that Melee improved on it in just about every way imaginable. So I'm posing the question here: if you liked the N64 version of Smash Brothers more than the GameCube version, why do you feel that way?

How could anyone possibly like the original game over Melee?  I mean, just look at this video tribute to the original Super Smash Bros. that PTB reader and Smash devotee Guy Perfect created.  Could someone really love a game like this?

The answer?  You'd better believe it.  I've even softened my take on the original Smash over the past year.  What can I say?  I'm a pushover for the old 3D polygonal Mario model.  Ah, memories...