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Knightro Kneeds You

Knightro Imagine my surprise to learn that my alma mater, the University of Central Florida, is in the running to be honored on the upcoming NCAA Football '09 box.  UCF's sports mascot, Knightro, is one of the mascots under consideration by Electronic Arts regarding an appearance on the cover of the Nintendo Wii version of the game.  If you have no other voting plans for this contest, why not throw your support to Knightro?  Head over to the game's website and follow the prompts to vote.  You'll find Knightro in the Conference USA division.  Rumor has it that he's currently in the top ten, too.  Everyone loves to support a winner, especially if that winner is a golden knight without a face.  You can't dispute that logic.  Polls close March 14, 2008, so vote early and vote often.