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Everybody Was Super Smash Brawling

WarioUPDATE: It's a shame that I have to specify this, but if you're going to use ethnic or racial slurs as taunt comments during brawls, then you're not welcome on my friend list.

So, my North American friends, are you enjoying the new Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii?  Are you wild about Wario?  Have you mastered Mario's new moves?  What about unlocking [insert secret character name here]?  My copy of the game finally arrived yesterday afternoon and I eagerly tore into it.  So far I've run through the Classic mode a few times, dipped my feet into The Subspace Emissary, unlocked a second block of event matches, revealed a few hidden characters, and even admired my newly-earned trophies.  I can't play solo forever though, so why not challenge me to a brawl?  Here's my Brawl-specific friend code


E-mail or post your Brawl code here if you want to get in on the action.  Maybe we can even put together a little PTB tournament or brawling group if there's enough interest.  Think you can take me?  Go ahead on!