Sonic Goes Savage In Unleashed
Dead Ports Tell No Tales

Don't Make Me Choose!

Petey's cages I still have the Super Smash Bros. Brawl fever.  I've scored 100% on The Subspace Emissary adventure, unlocked all of the hidden characters, and am working on clearing out the other modes and collecting a bunch of trophies.  It's an amazing game with an astounding attention to detail and enough replay value to carry us until the inevitable next Smash Bros. title.  There is one aspect of the game on which I'd like to hear your thoughts.  The beginning of The Subspace Emissary adventure puts players in a difficult position.  Petey Piranha imprisons both Princess Peach and Princess Zelda in cages and challenges Kirby to a brawl.  Players must choose which princess to rescue.  Only one can be saved.  The other is turned into a lifeless trophy and spirited away.  My question to you: which princess do you save?

There are different ways to approach the problem.  One could rescue the princess with the better Smash Bros. brawling skills.  Zelda has powerful magic and her Sheik alter-ego, after all.  It's hard to compare that to Peach's turnip-tossing skills and floaty jump.  Then there's the emotional appeal to consider (which, ultimately, is what swayed me to save one over the other).  I've spent the past twenty years saving both of these women from horrible fates.  Saving the princess is what I do.  Rescuing royalty is ingrained into the collective gaming consciousness.  Peach was the first princess I rescued so long ago at the end of Super Mario Bros., so I can't just ignore her pleas for help.  Besides, Zelda has the powerful magic, remember?  Ultimately I think she can take care of herself on this one.  I made my choice and saved Peach from trophication.  I just hope that Zelda can forgive me.