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Dilbert's Obsolete Horror

Dilbert - The Return We all know the familiar sting that comes with buying a new top-of-the-line computer.  There's always that risk that today's overpriced premium gizmo will be obsolete three weeks later when the next newer computer becomes available.  Dilbert knows this pain well as seen in the Dilbert animated series episode "The Return" in which our hero buys a new computer and is accidentally shipped outdated gear.  Unable to reach anyone useful through customer service, Dilbert, Alice, Wally, Loud Howard, and Asok journey to the vendor's home office to confront the management which turns out to be the all-powerful supercomputer known as Comp-U-Comp (voiced by Jerry Seinfeld).  Much like the NewsRadio "Arcade" segment featured here previously, has edited the episode down into a five minute minisode that includes only the Comp-U-Comp plot (well, most of it; a gag where Comp-U-Comp challenges the group to a series of games to determine their fates is missing).  Enjoy!