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Shortpacked! Super Smash Bros. Brawl has hit the comics again, this time in one of my favorite webcomics, Shortpacked!.  Poor Amber; gaming characters are always appearing to her when she least expects it.  The punchline in this comic is a play off of the old idea of overplaying a game so much that the characters and situations onscreen become burned into one's eyes, forever visible while trying to concentrate on other important non-gaming tasks.  Who among us hasn't played epic mental games of Tetris or Dr. Mario while trying to doze off at night?  I recall one particular long evening of Tetris Attack for the Super NES back in the day and the eventual extended game played in my dreams overnight (and yes, I won).  I feel your pain, Amber, although should a Smash character appear to me as a chatty delusion, I think that, all things considered, I'd rather be visited by Zero Suit Samus.

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