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Dead Ports Tell No Tales

PS/2 connectors As progress marches on we tend to dump older accessories for trendier and more reliable gizmos.  One of the downsides to purchasing a new computer is unpacking the unit from the box and discovering that it lacks ports for some of your suddenly-outdated peripherals.  CNET's Crave has a look at some obsolete ports, some of which are game-centric.

If you've ever used a keyboard or a mouse, we'll wager at some point you've dealt with PS/2 connections. The PS/2 itself took over from the delightful DIN socket, which had previously been the port of choice for keyboards. The best thing about PS/2 was its relative compactness.

PS/2 does present a slight problem, namely, how do you plug the keyboard into the keyboard socket and the mouse into the mouse socket? Of course, we hear you shout, "they're color coded" -- but what use is color when you're groveling around underneath a desk at 8:30 at night trying desperately to make the mouse point and the keyboard type?

Sadly, PS/2 was yet another victim of USB, which doesn't care what you plug into it, the electrical slut.

I have been stung by the pain of obsolete ports all too often.  When I bought my current computer last year I had to come to terms with the fact that my wireless keyboard, mouse, and printer would not work with the new computer because it lacks PS/2 and parallel ports.  On the other hand, with PS/2 on the way out we can finally be done with confusing the classic keyboard port for the Sony PlayStation 2 in casual conversation.  "What do you mean that your new computer doesn't have a PlayStation port?" 

(via Slashdot)