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Screw You, TAC-2!

TAC-2 So I'm minding my own business and checking up on some of my usual favorite websites when *BAM* an old dusty memory whacked me right in the face when I saw this scan of an old advertisement for the TAC-2 joystick and remembered "Hey!  I had one of those for my old Commodore 64!"

TAC-2.  It stands for Totally Accurate Controller and it means it.  With most joysticks you can't feel your move until its too late.  With TAC-2 by Suncom, it's like your hand is part of the game.  TAC-2 has tactile feedback - feedback you can feel.  It also has an extremely short reaction time, a short throw distance, and right and left hand fire buttons to keep you a step ahead of the game.

I can vouch for the fact that it had a short throw distance, as in it was such an unresponsive joystick that I always wanted to throw it across the room in frustration while trying to use it.  The stick had such a limited range of movement, the buttons took a lot of pressure to actually push, and don't get me started at how it slid all around the table while trying to play.  It took a while, but we eventually picked up a better joystick with suction cups on the bottom and a fire button on top of the stick for convenient alien blasting.  I think it may be around here somewhere still.  The TAC-2 though?  It was sold with the Commodore years ago, and while I may get nostalgic for the old C64 games I played as a child sometimes, I've never missed the TAC-2.  That may be why I blocked out the memory of owning it.