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New Mario Kart To Provide Post-Brawl Anticipation

Trading For Dollars

Nintendo consoles I have a problem.  You see, working as a game reviewer has left me in a position I never thought I'd have to face.  I have too many video games.  Blasphemy!  To be more accurate, I have too many crappy video games.  I have a handful of Nintendo GameCube games that I will never play again.  They're taking up space on my shelf and it's doubtful that these games will become highly expensive rare titles down the line.  I need to clear them out and make room for the new crappy games I'll be reviewing this generation.  But how can I get the most bang for my trade-in buck?  GameStop buys used games, but can I possibly hope to get a good deal with them considering the company's well-known business practices?  Now I can find out without lugging my sack of junk around town with Cheap Ass Gamer's wiki of GameStop/Electronics Boutique trade-in values for current and last generation gaming products.  So, let's see what kind of windfall I'm due.  Hmm... $3 plus $3 plus $14... carry the one... add $2.50... well, that's not very much at all.  Maybe I'll hang on to these games for another generation or two after all and wait for their nostalgia value to go up (because goodness knows the gameplay value isn't going anywhere worthwhile).