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In Search Of... F-Zero AX In Japan

F-Zero AX It's time once again to harness the awesome power of PTB's readers.  I recently received an e-mail from Christopher who is in need of some information.  Chris will be spending some time in Japan in March and he wants to squeeze some arcade action into his schedule.  Specifically, he wants to play F-Zero AX.  The problem is that these arcade machines can be difficult to find.  A while back I linked to a listing of known AX machines in North America, Europe, and Australia, but finding information on Japanese locations doesn't seem to be so easy.  Then again, I may have stumbled upon such a list several times while searching and didn't know it because I can't read Japanese text.  So, with that said, do you know where to find a F-Zero AX machine in Japan?  Help Chris by pointing him in the right direction.