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Bear And Bird Returning To Spiral Mountain

Banjo and Kazooie The excitement is beginning to build for Rare's upcoming new Banjo-Kazooie game for the Microsoft Xbox 360.  Lots of questions about the game have been flipping around lately, so it's only fitting that the developers take a moment to provide some informative and cryptic answers.  Will Mumbo Jumbo the shaman return?  What about Jamjars the mole?  Will we take another journey to Spiral Mountain?  Kombo has the summary.

"Spiral Mountain lovers rejoice! You weirdos. Banjo team rep Mr. Mayles says: "As we couldn't think up a clever new way to start the game we're going to be using Spiral Mountain yet again. We also thought we could get away with using the old N64 background but unfortunately someone noticed. We have however managed to come up with some clever ways of reusing this background. So if you liked Spiral Mountain it's all good. But if you didn't you may be a little unhappy. Actually, if you disliked Spiral Mountain and don't like cacti you could even be angry. So if we then come up with an awful name for the game it may be enough to tip some fans over the edge so that they refuse to buy it. Oh dear."

I love it when new games return to old environments.  Revisiting Spiral Mountain in Banjo-Tooie for the Nintendo 64 was a real treat, as was being able to go back inside Gruntilda's lair only to find the massive hub world inside from the previous game blocked off by a rockslide.  The comment about cacti makes me wonder if Spiral Mountain has become an arid desert environment since we last visited the place in 2000.  Global warming really is impacting the video game world; first World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. and now this.