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Attempted Rock Band GDC Theft Thwarted

PoppleI don't care how much alcohol you've had to drink, there's no excuse for sneaking on stage after the Rock Band concert at Valve's Game Developers Conference party and attempting to download a new unreleased song from the band's Microsoft Xbox 360 into your memory unit.  Yes, someone tried to snag the unreleased Rock Band version of Portal's "Still Alive".   This is why we can't have nice things!

I put my MU into the Xbox and power it up. I'm just at the point of selecting "copy" when another Harmonix guy sees what I'm doing and yanks the controller out of my hand. There's a tense moment where it seems like he's going to confiscate my MU permanently, and he doesn't give it back until he's had a chance to put it back in the console and check it for contraband. I leave the stage red-faced and red-handed. The party seems to have taken no notice of these events.

I can't believe this kind of thing needs to be said, but here it is anyway for those who need the reminder: do not steal prototype material from trade show events!

(via Waxy)