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Arr Matey! Pirated Gaming Classics!

Donkey Kong Country for the Sega Genesis We sure had fun during the 1990s with our popular video games.  It was truly a golden age of gaming thanks to classics such as Donkey Kong Country for the Sega Genesis, Mega Man X for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sonic the Hedgehog for Super NES, and even Darkwing Duck 2.  What's that?  No, I'm not mistaken.  I'm completely serious and also totally correct.  Platypux Comix will back me up on this one.

Video game piracy is a bustling industry on the Eastern half of the world, and for every legit megaseller title, there have been a metric ton of unlicensed ripoffs attempting to leech off success by poorly imitating it. Today Platypus Comix takes a look at the best of the worst. With accompanying videos!

All of your fake favorites are there.  There's a tease at the end of the article that this may become a recurring feature.  I certainly hope it does because there are so many other pirated games out there that deserve a little time in the spotlight before we sweep them into the trash.  Remember Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Game Boy Color?  Or the many knock-off fighting games for the Famicom?  There's even a cripplingly unfair take on Mega Man X3 floating around out there for the Sega Genesis.  And we can't possibly forget about those skin-peelingly ugly Legend of Zelda games for the Phillips CD-I.  Wait, what do you mean that those were legit?

And a special hello back to the Platypus Comix guy for giving Press The Buttons a special hello first.