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You Have Only Yourself To Blame For Target: Terror

Target: Terror Joining the ranks of unseemly Nintendo Wii games is Target: Terror, an arcade on-rails shooter from 2004 that makes use of the Wii Zapper.  Yamma hamma, what an ugly game!  Surprisingly, this isn't the work of some fly-by-night casual-focused small-time publisher.  No, Target: Terror is coming to us from Konami.  Yes, the Konami, an actual major publisher that really should know better than this.  I lay the blame for this skin-peelingly hideous game squarely at your feet.  After all, you didn't buy Konami's actual legitimate Wii attempts.  You let Elebits and Dewy's Adventure languish on the store shelves.  You taught Konami that they can get the same revenue results by throwing digitized dated junk at store shelves as they can with carefully crafted creative games.  Consider Target: Terror a warning shot.  If we don't support Konami's next actual real Wii game then it'll be lowest common denominator titles from here on out.

Fun Fact: Target: Terror is actually Revolution X in disguise.  Feed the rage!