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Wireless Nunchuck Neat But Unnecessary

Wireless nunchuk When gamers had their first real look at the Nintendo Wii's innovative controller one of the first qualms I heard from the peanut gallery was that it seemed so un-nextgen of the Wii remote to link up to secondary controllers via a cord.  Why does the nunchuck have to have a wire?  Can't it be wireless as well?  Peripheral producer Nyko believes so, as the company is about to debut a wireless nunchuck.

Nyko's peripheral has a dongle that attaches to the Wii Remote and allows their nunchuck to function. Housed inside the piece of plastic are similar buttons, a joystick, accelerometers for motion and two AAA batteries. Expected to release this quarter, the peripheral will be going for a reported $29.99.

Is the cord really that much of a hassle?  After a little more than a year playing Wii games I can't say that the cord has ever been in my way.  I don't feel that it's ever held back my gaming skills.  So why go wireless?  Wouldn't that $30 be better spent on a new game?  Then again, we're talking about Nyko here.  This is the company that developed the wireless sensor bar for the Wii, something that I find even more unnecessary than the wireless nunchuck.  Is anyone out there frothing at the idea of getting one of these?