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Super Smash Bros. Brawl MTV's Stephen Totilo has a radical idea: Americans should use their upcoming "free" money to buy a current generation game console.  If everyone buys a game console, he reasons, then the United States would become a much better place.  However, one of his proposed positive outcomes is absolutely shocking.

Consider the far-reaching impact of an America that boasts 100% console ownership:

  • Wii Friend Codes — Solved! The struggle to remember your friend code and add others’ will be gone, as every Wii-owning American will feel encouraged to write their friend codes on their car bumpers, making trading friend codes as easy as getting into a fender bender.

Hold it!  Wii Friend Codes on car bumper stickers? But Nintendo told me never to give my Friend Code to strangers! I’m only supposed to exchange codes with trusted friends! And even then we have to do it in person by writing the codes on little scraps of paper which must then immediately be shredded and burned to ash! And then there’s the whole matter of the Secret Wii Friend Code Exchange Ritual (see pg. 53 in your Wii manual (then shred and burn it, too)).