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Sega Neptune Lives!

Sega NeptuneOnce again it's time to take a look at a gaming product from an alternate reality.  Longtime Sega fans may have fuzzy memories of the aborted Sega Neptune console (which is just a Genesis and a 32X combined into a single case).  The project came to an end when the 32X died a costly death, but legend has it that a working prototype exists deep in the heart of some secret Sega vault.  Now an intrepid hardware hacker has done the next best thing to reaching across the Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky bridge and pulling out an authentic Neptune console: he's built his ownRacketboy offers his own two cents, too.

Now that he has been successful with the project, I can’t help but wonder if he would start making more and selling them off.  Or perhaps he’s be ok with others doing the same.  The base hardware is pretty cheap on the aftermarket, and I’m sure a number of Sega fans would be interested!

Fascinating stuff!  Of all the people I've known over the years only one person has owned the complete set of Sega Genesis hardware (Genesis, Sega CD, and 32X).  He'd be interested in a revived Neptune for nostalgia's sake, I bet.  Now, what'll it take to cram the Sega CD hardware into the do-it-yourself Neptune project to create the ultimate Sega 16-bit console?  And no, shoving a 32X mushroom into a CDX against FCC regulations doesn't count.