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Putting The Squeeze To Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Advance 4You've come a long way, Super Mario Bros. 3.  First you sprang to life for the Nintendo Entertainment System, then a few years later you bulked up into the full 16-bit power of the Super NES.  Then in 2003 it was time to slim down again when Nintendo managed to squeeze you into the pocketable power of the Game Boy Advance for Super Mario Advance 4.  We've seen how you made that first transition, but what about the second?  Just what changed when the Super Mario All-Stars variation of one of the best games ever was given yet another renovation?  The Mushroom Kingdom knows and is outlining the various changes from the major edits right down to the little things most folks would never notice.

Perhaps the most obvious difference between the two versions is available screen space. Whereas the SNES has a resolution of 256×224, the GBA has only 240×160. For the SMA4 team, this meant losing 16 pixels (one block) in width and a whopping 64 pixels (four blocks) in height. Even after removing the 32-pixel high status bar, they still lost 32 pixels (two blocks) in height. Many changes for SMA4, such as raised or lowered platforms, were to adapt SMB3 to the smaller screen.

I like to think I know a lot about Super Mario Bros. 3, but this listing makes note of when individual coins were moved a block or two from previous locations and takes special consideration to mention corrected punctuation.  I can't imagine how close to the source material one would have to be to pick up on all of these little seemingly insignificant changes.