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MTV's Track Finder Dances Into The Light

Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong rock outI like the idea behind rhythm/dance video games, but my problem has been finding games that feature music that I enjoy.  I'm not a hard rock fan, not a rap fan, can't stand grunge, and can do without country.  I tend to gravitate towards music from the 1980s with a major emphasis on artists such as Billy Joel, Huey Lewis, Phil Collins, and Elton John.  Obviously with musical tastes like mine I have no hope of fully enjoying Rock Band or Guitar Hero.  Until now I've been left to mostly ignore rhythm games because it's so darn hard to find a game that features my favorite songs, but now MTV has made it much easier to find musical games that include the good stuff.  It's the Rhythm Game Track Finder!  Here's what MTV's Stephen Totilo has to say about the site:

Basically it's a search engine for more than two dozen major rhythm games, including all versions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It's designed for users to input the name of a band and song and to find out which rhythm games include them. You can also pull up full track-lists for any of the rhythm games. Included on that list will be master/cover info for any song in the game and notations on which songs are download only or exclusive to a given platform.

Now so far my favorite songs are limited to the Singstar karaoke games, but I'm still holding out hope for the day that I get to rock out to "Back In Time" and "The Wasteland" with some sort of piano controller.  When that time comes I'm sure that the track finder will let me know.