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Mega Man Rocks Out

Mega Man Some of the best music on the Nintendo Entertainment System comes from the Mega Man series.  Fans have been enjoying and remixing the series's soundtrack for years, but every now and then the developers over at Capcom take a shot at rearranging some of their classic creations.  The Mega Man Network has acquired a new CD of rock arrangements from the original six Mega Man games and has posted some of the more memorable tracks for our enjoyment.

This soundtrack features choice tunes from throughout Mega Man 1~6 and gives them a heavy rock arrangement. The arrangement and electric guitar are headed up by Tohru Iwao of Guilty Gear fame.

There's some solid songs on this set which really makes me wish that Capcom would feature material of this nature in a new proper Mega Man game and not just on an obscure music CD.  Be sure to check out all of the samples, but if nothing else you must listen to the remixed themes for Cut Man, Metal Man, and Shadow Man as well as the Robot Master boss theme mix.  There's a techno remix album if you're into that sort of thing, too.  Want to import the actual CDs from Japan?  Save your pennies because these things don't come cheap.