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Shortpacked It's time again for a brief fun entertainment comic break.  Web comic Shortpacked! doesn't usually dip into the video game end of the pool, but creator David Willis has made an exception to the rule for Super Mario GalaxyCheck out what happens when Mario completes one of the penguin swim coach's aquatic tests in the Beach Bowl Galaxy.

Mario's dear to my heart. I've been doodling him in my notebooks since elementary school. In fifth grade, my best friend and I used the bulletin board surface of our huge shared cabinet space to lay out the most awesome Super Mario Bros level plan you can imagine. It had Wart and Bowser. It had plains, it had dungeons, it had ice. It was a feat of awesome. I remember seeing the first screenshots of Super Mario 3 in Video Games magazine and adding new characters to our bulletin board accordingly. I remember redrawing and recoloring Mario with blue overalls and a red shirt when he began appearing that way consistently instead of appearing occasionally in the reverse. I was a Mario dork.

Take special note of the attention to detail in the background of the first panel.  That pillar out there by itself is actually found in that spot in the game.  There's supposed to be a 1-Up mushroom on it, but for the sake of artistic license we'll just assume Mario's already collected it which is why we cannot see it here.  David isn't the only Mario dork fanatic, y'know.