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CattlesnakeOne of the many great things about Nintendo's Earthbound for the Super NES has to be the wide variety of wacky enemies that roam the land.  It's not uncommon to wander around Eagleland and stumble across a Bionic Kraken, a Slimy Little Pile, or a Plague Rat of Doom.  It should therefore stand to reason that the so-far-Japan-only sequel, Mother 3, contains more crazy foes.  I was checking out some of the screenshots posted at the unofficial Mother 3 translation project website and came across what has to be the best example of warped Earthbound enemy design yet: the Cattlesnake.  Aside from having an awesome name, the Cattlesnake also has a cheerful grin which is something that a lot of Mother 3 characters seem to have in common.  You just gotta love Cattlesnake (and it's staring this way!).  Mother 3 translated into English just cannot come soon enough.  I look forward to meeting the Cattlesnake in battle and turning it into both steaks and a nice wallet.