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Weekly Poll: December Loot '07

Weekly Poll for 12-17-2007Sonic certainly is well represented.  Maybe even a little over-represented.  As for me, I own the game in its Nintendo GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2 forms, although sometimes I teeter towards picking it up on the Virtual Console as well because I like being able to flip between classic games without having to actually get out of my comfortable recliner.  Then I realize I'm being silly and put those Wii points towards something new or otherwise unowned.

As we do every year it's time to take a moment and reflect on the true meaning of the December holidays: gifts!  Especially game-related gifts.  So, once again, I ask you: did you get all of the games you wanted as presents?  Vote in the poll and share your stories of holiday acquisition.  As always, feel free to brag a little, too.