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Stargate Command Wants You

Chevron sevenSo apparently the Stargate Worlds MMORPG is still in development.  Moreover, the time has come for the first real wave of media exposure to promote the game.  To that end, developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment is looking for a dedicated Stargate fan to appear in the game.

Beginning January 11, 2008, viewers of Stargate Atlantis will receive a "gate code" which, when registered at the contest Web site, will enter the user into a contest that will put the winner's image or likeness into the video game.

While I know most fans would want to appear in the game as a member of Stargate Command, I have this sneaky feeling that the winner will be added to the Stargate universe as a generic Goa'uld slave or an Ori flunky.  Kree, sholvah!