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Kirby Let the record show that Kirby fans will not take "no" for an answer.  They also won't take "not now" for an answer either.  When word came out that there was not a new Kirby game in the works for the Nintendo Wii, a persistent fan e-mailed the company with a question for which they most certainly have a concrete answer.

I know that the GameCube version of a Kirby game has been canceled, and I also know Nintendo has no plans for a Kirby game at this moment. But is there still a chance there will be a Kirby game in the future on Wii, or the successor to Wii or even possibly the successor to that?

Now how is Nintendo supposed to answer that?  "No, there will never ever be a new Kirby game."  I know that the company tries to play a few moves ahead of everyone else, but does anyone honestly expect them to have a game in development for the Wii's successor's successor at this point?  Let's all go to GameStop and preorder the new Kirby.  It'll be available for pick-up in 2017.

(via Poison Mushroom)