Weekly Poll: December Loot '07
Tracing The Kong Lineage

Mario Versus Wario

Mario Versus Wario Seeing as how we started the week with news of Classic Wario's Smash Bros. revival it seems only right that we end the week with a similar topic.  Long before Wario became a microgame-making motorcycle-riding comic anti-hero, he served in the more traditional role of villain... or malicious rival, anyway.  Once upon a time Nintendo Power immortalized the classic Mario versus Wario struggle with a pair of comic stories.  The first installment provided a little backstory for 1992's Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins and reveals where Wario's issues with the heroic plumber began all those years ago.  The second tale features Wario trying to outshine Mario as the two try to pick the perfect birthday present for Princess Peach.  Lucky you, both comics have been scanned and posted as PDF files over at Yoshi Art along with some other Mario-related comics of yesteryear.