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Christmas Comes To Pacland With the holidays upon us once again it's time for the networks and syndicates to drag all kinds of dusty holiday specials out of the vault for an airing.  Traditionalists may want to spend Christmas with Charlie Brown or Garfield, but the discerning gamer among us will make camp with everyone's favorite pellet muncher, Pac-Man.  Platypus Comix has a look at the 1982 holiday special Christmas Comes To Pacland.

Next on the snowly agenda for the Pac-Family is motorized sledding. Unfortunately for them, the Ghosts (Blinky, Inky, Pinky, Clyde, and Sue) show up while they're in the middle of this activity and, being the scoundrels they are, spoil it. Clyde (the orange ghost with the matching orange derby) appears to be the leader, and he remarks "There's the Pacs! Now's a good time to chomp 'em! Actually, anytime's a good time to chomp 'em!" He laughs at how clever he just was. A possible better line could have been, "Hey, there's a baby! Let's eat it!" They mean the same...

I was too young to catch this special when it first aired, but I do have memories of seeing it years later on some forgotten UHF station.  You don't need old fashioned rabbit ears to party with Pac-Man now though, as this special is available for free legal viewing in North America at AOL's In2TV service.  After you watch it be sure to flip over to the Perfect Strangers channel and watch Larry and Balki save Christmas, then change to the Head of the Class channel to see Arvid save Christmas.  You know, it's a wonder we have Christmas at all considering how often some evildoer tries to derail it.