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All-Star Mega Man Fighting Game Would Have Been Awesome

Robot mastersCapcom's Mega Man is now twenty years old which means it's time for all the gaming magazines and websites and blogs to gush the blue bomber love.  Before I get around to blubbering, however, I find myself blindsided by the pure concentrated awesome that is Capcom's abandoned all-star Mega Man fighting game.  Word on the street is that there was an idea for a brawler featuring each of Mega Man's many incarnations.

"What I found interesting is that Horinouchi had planned to create a game for the 20th Anniversary of Mega Man where all of the iterations of Mega Man could fight each other. Sounds almost like a Street Fighter or Marvel Vs Capcom type game. Unfortunately there wasn't enough man power to make the game a reality. Horinouchi concluded that he'd like to give that type of game another shot if given the chance."

I hope that idea will come back around some day, and hopefully when it does it will include a sizable chunk of robot masters as playable characters.  Haven't you always wanted to know who would win in a battle between Heat Man and Flame Mammoth?  How about Blast Hornet versus Ring Man?  Hell, what about Sigma versus Toad Man?  Piqued your curiosity with that last one, didn't I?

(via Poison Mushroom)