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Xbox Live Gets Own "Virtual Console" Service

Xbox LiveMicrosoft is celebrating Xbox Live's fifth anniversary by rolling out some downloadable favorites from last generation.  Yep, Microsoft is hopping aboard the Virtual Console/PlayStation Network express of offering up older games from days gone by, games from a simpler time when Halo ruled the sales charts and everyone wondered why Crash Bandicoot was still around.

More interestingly, the company has announced that with its latest Xbox Live update launching December 4th, Microsoft will kick off a new "Xbox Originals" campaign that will see the release of downloadable games for 1200 Points ($15) each.  Thus far confirmed titles include Halo, Psychonauts, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge and Fable, with "a growing catalog of Xbox games to download and own over the coming year."

I think this is a great idea and I'm actually surprised Microsoft hasn't set this kind of thing up before now.  Ever since the Xbox 360 hit stores (and even a little before that) the company has done its darnedest to bury the original Xbox console in a shallow grave in favor of its successor.  Meanwhile, the Sony PlayStation 2 lives on even as the PS3 tries to take the spotlight, while Nintendo's Wii is totally backward compatible with GameCube games without the need for software patches from the mothership.  It's good to see Microsoft finally come to terms with its original Xbox denial or whatever has been going on at the home office.  We know you like the 360, guys, but let's not forget your roots!