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Simple Wii Storage Space Solution Is Super

Wii consoleChances are your Nintendo Wii is rapidly running out of free storage space thanks to save game files and meaty Virtual Console downloads.  Nintendo has said time and again that they're not planning any kind of external storage solution and that players should empty their Wiis of downloadable goodness when the space runs out since purchased downloadable content can be downloaded again for free.  AMN's Cameron Brown has a better idea, however, and it involves making the Wii a little more self aware [note to self: insert Skynet joke here].

The solution is for Nintendo to take their fridge analogy seriously—to take it to the next level and make it intuitive. The Wii system should be updated to work behind the scenes, so it can clean your fridge out for you—to be your very own personal refrigerator maid. When that new download of Majora's Mask maxes out your memory, the Wii knows to toss the Donkey Kong Country game you haven't played in months. DKC will still show up in your channels, but the next time you click to play, you'll just need to wait a few moments for it to automatically re-download—no return trip to the VC store necessary—and Tecmo Super Bowl gets shuffled off the system memory to return some other day.

Brilliant!  This sort of thing sounds like how my television's DVR works.  Old stuff gets tossed if it goes stale, although in this case the games would be invisibly retrieved when needed again somewhere down the road.  This is such a simple idea I can't believe it hasn't been pitched already (or if it was, it wasn't pitched very loudly).  How about it, Nintendo?  Think you're up to the challenge of implementing this idea?