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Weekly Poll: Why Mii?

Weekly Poll for 11-05-2007 I'm glad to see Mario take the top spot in last week's poll.  In an age where gritty heroes like Master Chief seem to get most of the media attention, it's great to see timeless heroes like Mario continue to reign supreme.  That may be overstating things a bit, but this is my site and I'll rationalize the results however I like. 


Moving on, we're coming up on the first anniversary of the Nintendo Wii's release and, with it, the first anniversary of those lovable little Mii characters.  In fact, Nintendo has just launched the new Check Mii Out channel for Wii in which gamers can send their Miis off to compete in popularity contests.  How do you feel about the Miis?  Do you use them for anything?  Do you build new Miis just for fun, swap 'em with your friends, and root for them in Wii Sports?  Or do they collect digital dust in the back of your Wii's closet of storage space?  Let's hear your thoughts.